Hey Cheetahs! Cheetahs celebrate Health & Fitness month in October with a healthy educational Fun Walk fundraiser! Last year we raised over $45,000 for our school with this fun and healthy event! We're hoping to top that in 2019-2020 with YOUR help!! Stay tuned for more information!




A very important, fun, healthy way to raise money!


The Chandler PTA is raising money for everything that makes Chandler Elementary fun, educational and exciting for your children. Students will walk to some of their favorite songs as parents cheer their success! Our fundraiser is geared toward health and wellness so students are enriched with a fitness experience while aiming to raise the funds we need to support our school!

Ø It’s fast and easy!

Ø There are NO products to sell or deliver!

Ø 100% of the net proceeds go directly to benefit the students!

Ø We have cut the number of fundraising drives this year, so we are counting on your support to help raise what our students need!

Chandler PTA funds programs that benefit EVERY student at Chandler! But they can only continue with your support and help! Programs like: Teachers Assistants, P.E., field trips & S.T.E.A.M. assemblies, programs, garden program, technology, family engagement nights, classroom supplies, and more!

Please help us meet our budget needs by supporting our Fun Walk!

All students are invited to participate in a Fun Walk on October 15, 2019 and will receive a # Sticker (even if no pledges are collected).

Between October 1 and October 18th, please help your child raise flat TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations, either online or using pledge sheets, in support of the Fun Walk. Our goal is 100% participation in any $ amount!!


Students who register online at thegetmovincrew.com, turn in pledges, or who meet certain goals will be eligible to earn additional rewards! See additional pages for details.






· Kickoff Event: Tuesday, October 1, 2019

· Collection Deadline: Friday, October 18, 2019

· Fun Walk Event Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2019 After School

o Parents are encouraged to come cheer their student on!



Show off your Spirit and wear the below color for your grade on the day of the Fun Walk!

K = White 1st = Red 2nd = Yellow 3rd = Green 4th = Blue 5th = Black or Purple

Celebration Assembly: Friday, October 25, 2019


Follow these Simple Steps to Success!


1. Register your Child FOR FREE Today!

a. Go to thegetmovincrew.com to create your child’s FREE and secure fundraising page.

b. Click on this icon.

c. Simply fill in the blanks to create a custom fundraising page.

d. Done! You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to the fundraising page for immediate use!

2. Online sponsors will pledge a “flat” donation amount in support of the student’s efforts. Sponsors can be parents, relatives, friends, or neighbors.

3. Friends and Family want to help your child be successful and share in their achievements. Use the secure student fundraising page to promote online donations using the email & social media tools right on their webpage. It’s fast, easy, and ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Parents who share usually collect 3x more pledges!

4. Watch your child’s Pledge Meter blast to the top fast! Most credit/debit cards are accepted from anywhere in the world. Tax deductible pledges may be made online directly by your sponsors so there is no collection necessary by parents or the PTA. Check your child’s webpage often to see all online donations in “real time”.

5. Reach Pledge Superstar Status by and going above and beyond, raising $250 or more to see the emblem with fireworks ignite on your webpage. 

6. Track Classroom and School Goal Results! Check classroom goal progress, event updates, school goal progress, and more online!

7. Earn Rewards! Students, the classroom, and even the school can earn rewards. Some just for participating, some for reaching sponsorship milestones! Details to follow.

8. No internet, no problem! Parents may use the school library during non-instructional time to register or donations may be collected by cash or check the old-fashioned way (in-school) using pledge envelope. ***VERY IMPORTANT: Cash & Check Donations should be sealed in an event envelope, and deposited in the secured PTA mailbox in the main office of the school. Make checks payable to: “Chandler PTA& write your child’s name and room number on all checks!!****

All online pledges are merged with in-school cash/check pledges to calculate pledge totals.

All money must be received by October 18, 2019 at midnight to be counted!




* NOTE: Participation in the fundraiser and Fun Walk event are 100% voluntary! All students will continue to benefit from any PTA sponsored programs for the year regardless of participation. But whether the PTA can continue to fund these programs in the future depends on how much money is raised through fundraising efforts like this one.